MARIO VAZ DE MELLO Releases His Second Album, "Inevitable"

Electronic/instrumental music aficionados were aware of Mario Vaz De Mello's uniquely personal approach to the genres in 2001 when the Latin musician released his debut CD, 'Bamboo Shadows'. Presenting contemporary tracks with a distinctly Brazilian sensibility, the musician/producer mixes pop, classical, and techno influences in a ground breaking style. Aggressively marketed on the World Wide Web by the Manhattan based VMA Records, 'Bamboo Shadows' attracted worldwide recognition. Both the album and its tracks garnered over 45,000 downloads since its release, often reaching #1 on the electronic music / new age / world music charts at countless sites (,, and, among many others). "I was taken by surprise," says the low key New Yorker of his accomplishments.

With the May 2005 release of his second album, 'Inevitable', Vaz De Mello reaffirms his status as one of electronica's most innovative and thrilling talents. Having written, performed, recorded and produced all 11 tracks, the artist delivers an album that is neither a follow up nor a departure from his debut effort. "I just wanted to come out with a new album." Vaz De Mello says. "But where 'Bamboo Shadows' conveys more of a multi-ethnic mood," the artist continues, "the timbers in 'Inevitable' tend to be more related and organic... lots of strings, drums and percussion." As someone who constantly explores the union of conventional instruments with electronic music devices and computer programming, Vaz De Mello's sound environments are individual and unique. "I am very meticulous with the sounds I use: therefore I end up fabricating most of them," he confesses. "I can sometimes spend more time programming and altering the sounds for a specific track than I spend writing and arranging the track itself."

"I believe in giving one hundred percent of my time and talent to my work." Vaz De Mello reflects. "Besides my own personal projects, I also have had the opportunity to collaborate with so many amazing people, which has only caused me to grow as an artist."

For Vaz De Mello's fans--old and new--'Inevitable' is well worth the wait.



Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Mario Vaz De Mello was in his late teens when he began writing original music for theater, dance, television and film. Also a producer, he worked in Brazil with some of the country's biggest soon-to-be-stars (Marisa Monte, Debora Colker and Lenine, among others), amassing a resume of over 400 music projects. Since his 1995 move to downtown Manhattan, Vaz De Mello's involvement with the music community in America was a natural step. "I've been given a world of options since coming to New York," he confides. While pursuing his career as a composer, Vaz De Mello has also done everything from arranging, orchestrations and conducting, to keyboard and computer programming, audio engineering and sound design. "When I am writing my music, it ends up as a very solitary process... my outside projects work as a counterpoint to my 'working alone' lifestyle," he goes on to explain.

A list of his recent collaborations reveals such diverse artists as singers Art Garfunkel, Bebel Gilberto, Michael Feinstein, and show business legends Hal Prince, George Loros, Billy Stritch and Michael Gibson. He also contributed to various projects for companies such as NBC Network, Dreamworks Studios, New Yorker Films, The Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization and La MaMa Theater.

To date Vaz De Mello has created more than sixty original soundtracks for international stage and screen productions; his music is being continuously performed in Europe, Latin America and The United States.



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"Somewhere in the zone between ambient, world music, and prog new age, De Mello's tasty,
low-key production is full of atmospheric moments and haunting unresolved chord progressions."
---- KEYBOARD Magazine

"For lack of a better word--Super!"
---- MP3.COM

"Definitely something new..."
---- Top Picks

"De Mello propose une alternative à la musique contemporaine."
---- MP3.FR


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