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 With the release of his second album -- INEVITABLE -- musician and producer Mario Vaz De Mello reaffirms his status as one of electronica's most innovative and thrilling talents. Having written, performed, recorded and produced all 11 tracks, the artist delivers an album presenting contemporary music with a distinctly Brazilian music sensibility. The musician mixes pop, classical, and techno influences in a ground breaking style. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Mario Vaz De Mello was in his late teens when he began writing original music for theater, dance, television and film. Alternative New Age music in a box -- Find Electronic music downloads -- Free MP3 Downloads of Electronica / Ambient / World / Alternative music. Techno life styles -- new movie soundtracks: instrumental Brazilian electronic tracks -- buy CDs and iTunes downloads -- free downloads of MP3s, iTunes, Windows Media, and Real Audio . Click here to buy Alternative CDs -- Categories: electronica, new age soundtrack and ambient techno, world music, electronic downloads. Free MP3s -- Free iTunes downloads. Electronica New Age and Instrumental Soundtracks - FREE.Since his 1995 move to NYC, Vaz De Mello's naturally got involved with the music community in America and to date Vaz De Mello has created more than sixty original soundtracks for international stage and screen productions; his music is being continuously performed in Europe, Latin America and The United States.

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